Thru. – Modernize File Transfer

Modernize MFT

Create secure file transfer solutions in the cloud

Work faster, operate with ease and scale with confidence using the #1 cloud-native file transfer system.

Solve Your File Transfer Problems

Reduce Cost
Reduce operational and infrastructure costs by using MFT as a service. Leave infrastructure operations, scaling, availability and updates to us.

Stay in Control

Consolidate SFTP, HTTPS and FTPS transfers into one system. Work more efficiently and remedy problems before they impact business.

 Connect Faster

Complete workflows faster with native integration connectors for MuleSoft, Boomi, Amazon S3 and more.

 Migrate to Cloud

Use available APIs to reduce on-premises migration efforts.

 Remain Compliant

Satisfy data management standards with end-to-end encryption, identity access controls, auditing, retention and additional tools to help remain compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOC 2.

How Thru Is Different

Start small and increase capacity as needed.

All-inclusive pricing – no hidden costs.

SaaS model based on usage.

Scale as You Grow
Thru scales automatically based on workload, preventing bottlenecks within the file transfer system.

Automatic Updates
Always use the most updated version of Thru without any effort or downtime.

The system is live and ready for use with nothing to deploy. Simply select an instance in the chosen region and it is ready for production.

An API is available for every function in the graphical user interface. Use Thru as a black box and programmatically control Thru via APIs.