i-Vertix – Network Monitoring Solution

Managing an IT infrastructure has never been easier

The perfect synergy to support your Business

Enterprise MSP solutions and a trusted Partner always by your side
Keep a 360° view on your IT infrastructure. This allows you to immediately identify problems, understand their causes and take action as quickly and effectively as possible.
Centralized log management to analyze logfiles and network traffic in real time. Keep track of important information, identify anomalies, analyse and resolve them quickly and easily.
Automatically manage, track, inventory and update your IT assets. The solution also helps you better manage contracts and licenses by identifying your real needs.
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| Why choose i-Vertix

 Tailored to different needs

 Highly reliable to ensure high infrastructure stability

 Flexibility and simplicity in all aspects of the offering

Widely scalable and flexible to grow with your requirements

Personal approach, fast and first-hand assistance

Experience and know how within the solutions and at all users’ disposal