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Cloud Monitoring Tool

Comprehensive Visibility and Control of Cloud Resources

WhatsUp Gold treats the cloud just like the rest of your network and displays that information in context with the rest of your network infrastructure. Monitor, report and alert on the status of every single metric available via the AWS and Azure APIs.

You can then integrate that information into your alert centre, dashboards and your interactive network map so you can quickly drill-down to issues and isolate the cause of problems that span technology silos.

Map Cloud Resources
WhatsUp Gold software will automatically discover cloud-based resources and display them on the same interactive map that shows your on-premises network.

Monitor Usages and Costs
Every parameter accessible through the Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud APIs can be monitored by WhatsUp Gold.

Get Proactive Alerts
Track and alert on cloud usage and billing so there are no surprises in the next invoice. Proactively alert on performance issues impacting key services.

True Cloud-Based File Transfer

Secure File Transfer in the Cloud

Prices from € 595,00

Efficiently and securely transfer files while remaining compliant. Consolidate workflows and operate with ease while using a no-code interface.

Cloud-Native Managed File Transfer
Managed file transfer as a service (MFTaaS) started in the cloud and continues to provide cloud-based automated file transfer and ad hoc file sharing capabilities to businesses.

Advantages of True Cloud-Based:
Production-Ready Thru is live and ready for use with nothing to deploy: Simply select an instance in the chosen region.

Continuous, Seamless Updates
lways use the most up-to-date software: Automatic updates are made to the platform with zero downtime.

Thru’s cloud-native architecture is made up of distributed micro-services that automatically scale.

An API is available for every function in the graphical user interface-programmatically control Thru via APIs.

i-Vertix NMS

Boost your business with Cloud Network SaaS

The MSP mode enables to easily build a centralized monitoring platform, through which you can provide Monitoring as a Service.

This allows you to take advantage of a fully managed system, without having to worry about any technical aspect.

The flexible architecture and the great scalability guarantee you a security for the future: your needs change and grow over time? No problem, i-Vertix evolves with you!

Distributed Monitoring

  •  Monitoring of distributed or hard-to-reach locations
  • Performed via i-Vertix Poller HW or SW appliance
  • Independent from the central management

about ViaCloud

ViaCloud BV is a SaaS Supplier for Network Monitoring, MSP and Secure Managed File Transfer via/from the Cloud. ViaCloud offers comprehensive Managed File Transfer solutions for file sharing, Cloud synchronization of data. MFTaaS: native in the Cloud, collaboration, backup, replication and archiving.



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